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Changing spine
care for good.

Changing spine care for good.

Spine care is changing.
We intend to lead that change.

Welcome to Companion Spine.

We’re a different kind of spine care company.  We provide interventional therapies and technologies to ensure your back pain is resolved with minimal disruption to your quality of life.  Our solutions are targeted at these types of conditions:

Preserving motion and anatomy. Preventing problems.

Our goal is to make spine care an ongoing, proactive health experience for every patient.  As your body and your needs change, we’ll be there to walk alongside you, and provide the best treatment, just like a good companion should.


Companion Spine diagnostic technology is making it easier for patients and physicians to determine the best course of action before any significant surgical steps are taken.

With the use of these technologies, patients get to “try it on for size” before undergoing any additional procedures, and physicians get to pinpoint exactly where the interventions should be.

Where you get your spine care matters.

In addition to the broad technologies and therapies we offer, we also ensure that you can receive the latest care in the most comfortable surroundings.

All Companion Spine technologies and therapies are designed to be delivered in outpatient centers – quietly, discreetly, and comfortably.

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