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DIAM™ Literature

Evaluation of DIAM™ Spinal Stabilization System for lower lumbar disc degenerative disease: A randomized, prospective, single-site study

Barrett S.Boody, Joseph D.Smucker, WillaSasso, Justin W.Miller, RyanSnowden, Rick C.Sasso

Long-term reduction in pain and disability after surgery with the interspinous device for intervertebral assisted motion (DIAM) spinal stabilization system in patients with low back pain: 4-year follow-up from a longitudinal prospective case series

Josip Buric, Massimiliano Pulidori

15-year survivorship analysis of an interspinous device in surgery for single-level lumbar disc herniation

Interspinous spacers in the treatment of degenerative lumbar spinal disease: our experience with DIAM and Aperius devices

Antonio P. Fabrizi, Raffaella Maina, and Luigi Schiabello

The DIAM spinal stabilisation system to treat degenerative disease of the lumbosacral spine

L Hrabálek, J Machác, M Vaverka

Three-Dimensional Volumetric Changes and Clinical Outcomes after Decompression with DIAM™ Implantation in Patients with Degenerative Lumbar Spine Diseases

Cheng-Yu Li, Mao-Yu Chen, Chen-Nen Chang, and Jiun-Lin Yan

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